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House Buyers in Frontenac, MO. Do you have a home to sell in the Frontenac, MO area? Is it out of date, or do you just need to sell it fast? Evervest Home Buyers purchases all varieties of houses and is willing to give you the most we possibly can for your property.

House Buyers Frontenac, MO | AS-IS House Buyers | Cash Home Buyers Near Frontenac

In our business model, we can make a profit off of properties in any conditions. Does your house have termite damage? That’s perfectly fine, we will still buy it. Is your house currently in probate? Does your house currently have bad tenants that have become to much of a hassle to deal with? We will still want to take a look at your house.

We will always be straightforward with you. Contact our House Buying Team today to see what Evervest can do for you. Our team can be reached at (314) 730-0366, by contacting us online, or by clicking the buttons below.

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What Makes Evervest a Better Type of Frontenac, MO House Buyers?

Most house buyers in Frontenac, MO want to buy a place to grow their family, maybe hand out candy to neighborhood families on Halloween, hope the value of the house rises as they live it in, or possibly even want to live out their retirement there. Others are looking for something they can turn around and sell quickly, or are are looking for properties they can rent out to renters. Those more traditional buyers will want a house that is mostly in turnkey condition, or at least a house that won’t require them to do a lot of work before they can move in. There are a lot of steps involved when selling on the traditional market, and a seller of the average house will spend about $20,000 selling the traditional way. You’ll be paying third-party inspectors, appraisers, and mortgage professionals, and finding a buyer could take up to a year, plus another 45 days to close.

By contrast, with Evervest’s Frontenac, MO house buyers, you you will only deal with the person who is going to purchase your house. We do our own inspection and strive to give fair market value while still being able to see your property as an investment for ourselves. There are no closing fees and no third parties. The only transaction will be when our cash offer makes it to your account.

We have over three decades of construction experience repairing homes. We don’t mind seeing properties that need comprehensive repairs; we love it because it’s an opportunity for us to do what we do best to improve Frontenac, MO’s neighborhood.

Some of the reasons many people have found using Evervest’s house buyers to be the best decision for themselves in Frontenac, MO are:

The Evervest House Buyers Process in Frontenac, MO

You may be familiar with how the house selling process works with traditional real-estate but have questions regarding the cash house buying process. You won’t have to deal with closing costs or any other expenses that typically comes with selling on the traditional market. Detailed here are the steps that are required to sell your home to house buyers in Frontenac, MO.

  • Call our House Buyers in Frontenac, MO – You can take the first step in selling your Frontenac, MO property by calling our team at (314) 730-0366. Alternatively, we can perform a live videochat walkthrough through Facetime or Duo, or you can text us a photo of your home. We’ll have an initial offer ready for you within an hour.
  • Schedule to Look at Property – Next, one of our contractors and licensed real estate agents will inspect your property. We’ll get a general idea of the shape it is in get a good gauge of what the true market value is. We do not charge anything, unlike with typical third-party inspections. We’ll come by at a time that’s best for you.
  • Look at Property – Once we’ve agreed on a date and time, one of our house buyers in Frontenac, MO will come look at your house. Don’t worry, we see value in properties no matter what’s “wrong” with them. So even if your home has extensive issues, there’s still a good chance we’ll make you an offer. You don’t even have to pick the socks off the floor like you would for normal open houses.
  • Make Offer – After the walkthrough and some calculations, our house buyers will tell you what we consider to be the fair market value of your property is. We’ll also show you proof of funds, so you won’t have to worry about the deal falling through.
  • Accept or Reject Offer – If you like the offer we’re giving you, then let’s continue with the sale. If our offer isn’t what you had in mind, we can always talk about the price and sale of your Frontenac, MO house.
  • Complete the Sale in a Month or Less – You can be moving into your new home quickly. We can close the sale of your Frontenac, MO house less than a month.

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House Buyers Frontenac, MO | AS-IS House Buyers | Cash Home Buyers Near Frontenac

Frontenac, MO House Buyers | Evervest Home Buyers

A home that is out of date, in disrepair, or is in need of a lot of TLC may end up costing you more money in the end if you sell on the traditional Frontenac, MO housing market. With our house buyers in Frontenac, MO, you wont have to improve, or remove anything from the property. We’ll buy your home, no stress, as-is. To find out more about our processes, or to get started on selling your house, call (314) 730-0366 or fill out the form on this page.

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