There are lots of reasons why you might own a house that you don’t live in: maybe you inherited it, it’s a vacation home, or you had to relocate for work before selling your home. Regardless of the reason why you’re selling, you want to sell it quickly. It can seem impossible to do if you’re not living in the home, but the fact is that it’s relatively simple.

Steps to follow when selling your house if you aren’t there include:

  • Check to see if you owe taxes on the property.
  • Know the market the house is in.
  • Make sure that nothing needs to be repaired.
  • Consult the laws in the house’s state for closing remotely.
  • Consider Selling To An As-Is Home Buyer


If you’re living in a different state than the house you’re trying to sell, it’s important to remember that you still have to pay taxes on the property. Every states tax laws are different, so be sure to reach out to the local Treasurer’s or Assessor’s Office for the state the house is in. Brushing up on the state’s taxes will save you from paying more interest on the amount that you owe and risk prolonging the sale of your house.

Research the Local Market

The real estate market is competitive, so to get the most money for your house, it’s vital that you understand the market the house is in. If you’re located in a different state than the home you’re selling, this can be done by talking to friends or family who have sold homes in the area to get advice on how to market your house. You could also check out the local classifieds to see what people in the area are looking for in a home. Once you have a bit of background on the local market, you’ll know how to advertise that the house is for sale and make any updates that you think would strengthen your listing.

Assess the House for Repairs

Nobody wants to deal with repairing a house when they live out of state. This can take a lot of time, money, and effort, but it’s essential that you make repairs if you’re going to sell your house. Most buyers are looking for clean and updated homes that are move-in ready, so if you want to sell your house it’s worth investing in repairs. Asking friends and family that live in the area for help can cut down the cost and will guarantee that all of your requests will be taken seriously. Hiring a handyman to repair your home can not only be costly, but since you’re out of state it’ll be difficult to make sure that they’re doing exactly what you hired them to do.

Check Local Laws

Each state has different rules on how closing documents must be signed. Some states require an original signature and will allow for you to fax the closing documents to them. Others will mail you the closing documents but require that a notary authorizes the signature before the documents are sent back to them. Designating a power of attorney, someone who you’re giving the right to sign the closing documents for you, can also be an option in some states. So it’s important to research the laws of the state the house is being sold in.

Consider Selling To An As-Is Home Buyer

If the process listed above seems like too much effort, selling your house to a St. Louis as-is home buyer is a simple option. As-is home buyers are dedicated to making the process of selling your home as hassle-free as possible. They have the resources available to make a competitive offer for your home and will make you an all-cash offer in as little as a day even if you aren’t there.

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