Senior Living Transition

After a family member has transitioned to an assisted living senior center it can be difficult to decide what to do with their former St. Louis home. The expenses required for a senior living center can be high, and selling the individuals former home can help offset the cost. If you have a home that you would prefer to sell, Evervest Home Buyers is willing to make you an all cash offer for the St. Louis property.

We specialize in providing quick, all cash offers for St. Louis homeowners so that they can relieve themselves of unwanted or hard to sell properties. We know what it takes to sell a home in a competitive market because we have decades of experience doing just that. If you have a property you need to sell after a member of your family transitioned to a senior living center, call or contact Evervest now!

How Does It Work?

  • 1

    Discuss Property

    Contact Evervest today to discuss your property and how we can help.

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    Evaluate Property

    Our property experts will evaluate your property and prepare a cash offer.

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    Submit Cash Offer

    Based on the evaluation, Evervest will submit the cash offer and await your approval.

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    Close, Receive Cash

    After closing, receive your cash offer and sign property transfer documents.

    Sell Your St. Louis Home For Cash

    Older homes can often have a myriad of problems that make it harder for them to sell in a market that is increasingly trending towards a modern look and feel. Regardless of whether your family member’s home is old, has dated furnishings, is in disrepair, or is in a hard to sell neighborhood, we can still make you an all cash offer for the St. Louis property. We understand how difficult it can be to sell older homes, that’s why we simplify the process and can complete the sale in under 30 days to fit any timeline you may have or need for the sale of the property. Transitioning a family member or friend to a senior living environment is already difficult, and the last thing you need to juggle is a home that is going to be difficult to market and sell. We want to take that burden off your plate and make the transition easier for you and your family member. If you want an all cash offer for the St. Louis property, Evervest Home Buyers is willing to speak with you today.

    Stress-Free and Fast

    There is no need to worry about closing costs, agent fees, or other types of financial burdens that are usually associated with selling a St. Louis home. With Evervest, the home selling process is made simple and easy. As your family member transitions to a senior living center, our team can come out and assess your property and provide you with a no obligation cash offer for your St. Louis property.

    No Waiting for Financing/Approval

    With a private buyer, you would have to wait for credit checks, bank loans, approval of those bank loans, and may even have to suffer through several needless inspections all without any guarantee of the person actually being approved or able to purchase your home. We understand the time constraints your family is under during this senior living transition, and can provide you with a quick all cash offer that will suit your timelines needs.

    Cash Transferred in Quickly

    Your family’s senior living transition timeline may require the quick, and efficient sale of your St. Louis home. That’s why we will provide you with an all cash offer that expedites the process so that you can focus on providing your loved one with the attention they deserve during their senior living transition. If you want more information about the cash offers we make, or how the process works, call or contact Evervest now!

    Offer and Close in Less Than 30 Days

    We understand the time constraints your family has and are willing to accomdate them. From start to finish, our home buying process is designed to take less than 30 days so that you can focus on assisting your family member in their senior living transition without the hassles that come from placing your home on the market and dealing with a traditional real estate agency. When you’re ready to sell your home, call or contact Evervest!

    Get a Fast, Free Buying Offer

    Get a free offer on your home, with no obligation to sell.

    St. Louis Testimonials

    • 155
      I would definitely recommend Scott
      In 2016 I found myself in a position to purchase my parent’s home as they had both recently passed away.  I decided to sell my house ‘as is’ since I was going to be doing extensive remodeling on my…

      Cyndy B

    • 155
      I couldn’t have been happier!
      I just wanted to say that I couldn’t have been happier with Evervest, LLC when I wanted to sell my home.  My son and I were looking for a fresh start.  We had the opportunity to move to another…

      Patricia B

    • 155
      A pleasure to work with
      Evervest was a pleasure to work with. Efficient and courteous and willing to help when paperwork complications arose. I am very satisfied with the result, which enabled me to sell my mother’s home so as to continue to pay…

      David M.

    • 155
      Satisfactory & Professional
      This is to advise that my interactions with Evervest were satisfactory & professional.   I owned my home for 19 years but due to poor health I was unable to update/maintain the home & ended up having to move…

      Fairlane K.

    • 155
      Evervest LLC was very helpful in the sale of our property. I would recommend Scott to anyone who would like to sell their property. Thank you, Scott.

      Don from St. Louis MO

    • 155
      This was my first opportunity to work with Scott and Evervest. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Scott was very professional and kind and patient. He made the entire procedure very easy. I was very satisfied.

      Susan K.

    • 155
      I highly recommend him

      Scott at Evervest Home Buyers was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, courteous, and fair. We negotiated agreeable terms and the property sales was completed within two weeks.

      I highly recommend him for any of your future property…

      Randy V.

    • 155
      Would Recommend to Anyone
      When our dad died at the age of 100, my sister and I were left with the responsibility of selling his home. We met with Scott Dolson with Evervest, LLC. He gave us a very good and reasonable offer….

      Joyce K.

    • 155
      S. Brown

      My brother recently passed away leaving my husband and me with his home to deal with. Because of the extensive repairs it would take to make the house move-in ready, we decided to explore selling to a cash…

      S. Brown from Overland, MO

    • 155
      Fast, quick and easy

      My name is Joyce and I had to write this short letter to convey to your company how Evervest made my experience of selling my home as easy as possible. The people that I worked with were very, very…

      Joyce P. from St. Louis Area

    • 155
      It couldn’t have been simpler
      I don’t give many testimonials, but my experience with Evervest LLC was so outstanding I felt compelled to tell others about it. I got a letter in the mail many months before I decided to sell my home….

      Brenda K

    • 155
      I would recommend him to others
      Scott Dolson with Evervest, LLC, was very professional, took good care of me, help me through the process and I enjoyed talking with him. I felt like I would recommend him to others.

      Lloyd S. from St. Louis

    • 155
      God Bless you Scott, you came at the right time and it was a blessing to us. You are going to be a man to be trusted. Soon everyone will know what Henry and I know. God Bless, you…


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