It can be overwhelming and scary to sell a house, so it’s important to know all of your options for selling. This can save you from paying hefty brokers fees, commissions, and many other costly expenses that’ll make the process scarier. An often overlooked option is selling to a St. Louis Cash Home Buyer. You’ve probably seen advertisements from these buyers but don’t know much about them. Selling a house to a cash home buyer is quick and simple:

  • Choose a cash home buyer.
  • Sign an agreement.
  • Close on your house.

Choose a Buyer

It can be difficult to know which buyers can be trusted. If you’re looking for a good cash home buyer, Google, Yelp and Better Business Bureau are great sites. They are easy to use, and feature reviews from people who have used the St. Louis Cash Buyer’s services. This will allow for you to see if the business is trustworthy due to all the good reviews, or if you should run the other way. Asking friends, family and neighbors for suggestions is another great way to find a trustworthy cash home buyer. If they, or someone they know has had a good or bad experience with someone, they’ll be able to give you details on what they liked or didn’t like about them.

Schedule the Consultation

After you’ve chosen an as-is buyer to contact, you’ll want to schedule a consultation. While it might sound intimidating, a consultation is simply the buyer looking at your house to see what it’s worth. They’ll also look to see how much it’ll cost for them to fix your house if they choose to buy it. Don’t worry, though– all-cash buyers specialize in buying out-of-condition homes without updates, and make every effort to offer the most for homes. They won’t be scared away by old appliances or ugly water damage.

Sign an Agreement

So, you’ve had a consultation done– what’s next? After the consultation, the cash buyer will make you an all-cash offer for your home in as little as a day. If you approve of the amount they’re offering you, you’ll sign an agreement. This agreement will include the price you’ll accept for the house, details about your home from the consultation and how you’ll be paid the money for the house. It’s important to carefully read these contracts and ensure that they’re accurate before signing these agreements to sell. If there is something in the contract that you don’t like, make sure that it is changed. Most St. Louis Cash Buyers will be happy to update it for you.

Closing on Your House

While selling your house to a realtor can be time-consuming, after your consultation with a St. Louis as-is home buyer they will make an all-cash offer in a day. It’s as simple as signing a closing document that includes the details agreed upon in the original contract, and confirms that you have a certificate of title and title deed. The certificate of title confirms that you are the owner of the house and that you have the right to sell the property, and the title deed transfers the property to the cash buyer once it’s signed. Once you sign these closing documents, you’ll have the money for your house in as soon as a day. So, once you close on the sale of your house, the money will go in your pocket and not the realtors.

If you’re interested in selling your home to a St. Louis All-Cash Home Buyer, Evervest Home Buyers is a local favorite. We have bought more than 700 homes and pride ourselves on helping local homeowners through the difficult process of selling their house. We will provide a cash offer for you home in as soon as a week, and we will make every effort to provide you with the most for your home. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, feel free to call (314) 730-0366 or Contact Us today!