Get to Know Our St. Louis, MO Home Buying Company

Selling your property as-is in St. Louis, Missouri can be challenging. Expensive repairs can keep potential buyers away, inspectors may find hidden issues that blow your budget wide open, or even worse, your house could have a foundation problem, lead, asbestos or mold. Problems like these can be a nightmare for St. Louis homeowners, but don’t have to be. We’re Scott Dolson and David M. Long, the owners of Evervest, the leading as-is home buying company in St. Louis.

Scott Dolson

Scott Dolson, Manager

We’re Missouri natives who have been business partners for over 30 years, and we’ve been in the home buying and selling business since 1996. We know how to buy and sell St. Louis homes, and we’ve provided as-is selling solutions for more than 700 homeowners – you could say we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s fire damage, tornado damage, flooding, faulty roofs, bad neighborhoods, or other issues, we understand that some houses are difficult to get rid of. We want to offer you a solution. But first, here is some more information about us.

As St. Louis natives, we are proud to raise our families in the same communities we grew up in. Scott is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Missouri and the primary buyer for the company. He believes in keeping his word, being compassionate to the seller, and making every attempt to be straight forward. In the 20+ years that Scott has been in the as-is home buying business, he has never written a contract that he didn’t close on due to him backing out of the deal spelled out in the contract. Scott is confidential, doesn’t care about the cleanliness of the house, and will strive to give you the best advice possible on how to solve your problem or sell your property if he cannot purchase your home. To date, he has helped 700+ homeowners sell their as-is homes in St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO Home Buyers with Over 30 Years of Experience

Evervest makes every effort to pay the most for your property and still consider the purchase an investment. If we purchase your property, Dave will “take the reigns” through the rehabilitation process. Dave couples his 30 years of hands-on construction experience with an outgoing, friendly personality and demeanor that helps when reintroducing renovated homes to the neighborhood.

Outside of Evervest, Dave is very active in donating his time as a soccer coach at a local club, giving back to his community, and providing quality business advice and guidance to St. Louis homeowners trying to sell their difficult properties. Just like a sports team, it takes a dedicated team to produce the best product. Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Roofers, HVAC, Laborers, Inspectors, Realtors, Product Suppliers – and sometimes even the neighbor next door – all come together to complete the final harmony of a project. Evervest takes pride in being a member of the St. Louis community, helping homeowners struggling to sell their properties, and providing reliable, quality services.

Evervest is not a franchised business. When you meet with our buyers, you are meeting with a group of individuals whose profits are going to stay in the St. Louis area. We not only manage our projects but are hands-on with every property we buy. We utilize our well-established network of St. Louis subcontractors to complete our projects. Everything we do is about making the process, and the experience, easier for you and your family. We’ve been closing at the same title company for years and have streamlined the purchasing process to make the sale seamless and easier for you. We want your home selling experience to be hassle-free, regardless of the situation that you may be currently in.

Call Scott today at (314) 730-0366 for more information about Selling Your St. Louis, MO Home for Cash. He’s looking forward to learning more about your situation and offering advice on how Evervest’s St. Louis Home Buyers can help.