When you need to sell your house fast and need to make the most from the sale of your house, selling your house through traditional means can be a stressful and lengthy ordeal. Inspections, attracting buyers, and repairing damage can wind up costing more than you’ll see in return for the repairs, not to mention, you’ll have to pay closing costs and realtor fees.

In this FAQ, we’re going to discuss how you can sell your house fast, and why you should sell your property to an as-is home buying company. If you have questions regarding this FAQ or want to speak with our team about selling your home, please contact our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House with a Realtor?

There are a number of things that can affect the sale of your home. Maybe it’s a slow market, your home isn’t located in a popular area, or it’s a slow season for real estate, such as during the winter. Pricing your house competitively can often help you sell your property quicker, but this doesn’t let you maximize your profits, and often comes with costly repairs and closing costs. On average, the traditional sale of a house takes between 30-90 days, but some homes can take upwards of 100 days to sell. There isn’t a guaranteed way to know exactly how long the sale of your home will take. meaning, if you need to sell your house fast, you should explore other options, such as selling to an as-is buyer.

Why Should I Sell My House to an As-Is Home Buyer?

Selling your house with a realtor or broker can take months, but Evervest Home Buyers can save you time and money. Our buyers don’t require any repairs, closing fees, or inspections, and try to give the best prices for properties based on their condition. If our buyers decide to buy your property, you’ll get an offer in just a week, and have cash in hand in as little as 30 days.

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