Sell your House with Bad Tenants

Owning rental property is a great investment and a great way to earn a passive income. However, if the neighborhood is in decline, the upkeep is too much, or you’re tired of dealing with difficult tenants, you may have decided it’s time for you to move on. But what are your options? Can you sell a property with tenants? What if their lease isn’t up for several more months? Our home buyers at Evervest will take the property off your hands quickly, easily, and with cash in your hand. Call us today at (314) 730-0366 to find out more, or contact us to get a quick, free estimate for your property.

We’re Evervest Home Buyers, a local AS-IS house buying company in St. Louis, MO, and we’ve helped property owners in situations just like yours before. If you have tenants who won’t cooperate, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle anymore we can help. We buy AS-IS houses in St. Louis, including houses that currently have tenants. Regardless of how many months they have left on their lease, or whatever the current issue may have with the tenants is, we still want the property and are willing to make you an incredible fair-market deal for your house. To learn more about this offer or to get in contact with our team immediately, follow this link or call us at (314) 730-0366.

Can I sell my House if it has Tenants?

Selling as house, as-is, with tenants can be hard. The vast majority of home buyers aren’t going to want to touch a house with tenants because they want the house empty and ready to move in immediately. The other portion of house buyers may initially be interested in the cash flow that can come from renting a house, but they may not be willing to deal with your problem tenants. So what do you do? If a normal house buyer won’t touch it, and other rental owners aren’t interested, you’re going to have to choose another option. You can sell your house with tenants to us. We buy houses as-is in St. Louis and we mean it. The house can be in any condition, in any neighborhood, and it can even have tenants. We still want it.

When you sell your house to our team, we’ll take over the rental agreement so that you don’t have to worry about your problem tenants anymore. We’re fully aware of all of the landlord-tenant laws in Missouri, so you don’t have to worry about our team being surprised by anything that is going to be required for the sale of the property. We’ve purchased houses with tenants before, and are excited to make you an as-is all cash offer on your property.

How to sell a house with Tenants

With our team, you’ll never have to pay any closing costs, inspection fees, realtor fees, or any other fees. We want to buy your house, simple as that. We want the process to be smooth and easy so that you can have the cash value of your house in your hand in under 30 days or less. That’s what we offer, a simple easy process that gets you out from under your problem property. You’ll never have to deal with your bad tenants again, and you’ll have the cash value of your property in hand.

If this sounds like a situation you would like to happen, give our as-is house buying team a call. Remember, we make offers on all types of properties in all types of conditions. Even if you don’t think your house can be sold, still give us a call. You may be surprised by what we can offer you. Sell your house with bad tenants by calling (314) 730-0366 or by reaching out to us at the form on this page.