It can be overwhelming to sell a house in today’s market. With home improvement trends popping up everywhere on social media, and your co-workers bragging about their updated floors and their new energy saving solar panels, it can be a lot to compete with. There are several options for skipping the hassle of home improvement and selling your house as-is:

  • Gather ideas from friends and family.
  • Consider small touch-ups.
  • Know the buyer pool.
  • Research all options.

Ask Friends and Family

When you’re selling your house, it can seem like you’re on your own and that there isn’t anyone to help. A smart thing to do is to ask around your group of friends or family for advice on how they sold their house. Even though you don’t want to update your house, they can give you ideas on how to add value to your home for a small cost. Not to mention, since they’ve already been in your shoes, they will be able to share stories of what to avoid, if they worked with an St. Louis as-is home buyer and what they wish they would have done before selling their home.

Small Home Improvements

While updating your home with new appliances and flooring can be costly, there are lots of small improvements that can add major value to your home. Minor changes such as painting your dark kitchen a bright and sunny yellow or a calming blue can make the room feel fresh and open. If your home is outdated, consider swapping out inexpensive hardware and fixtures for something more modern. If you’re interested in saving a bit of money but want to add a bench to your kitchen or a railing to your porch, DIY websites like DIY Network can be good resources for those who want to add value to their house but don’t want to do huge updates.

Get to Know the Buyer Pool

It might seem like there wouldn’t be a market for as-is houses, but with the rise of DIY sites and house flipping, a house without updates is a hot commodity. House flippers are always looking for their next new project, and your house without updates could be it. To get to know your local buyers market, consider joining your neighborhood’s community page on Facebook or NextDoor, or post your listing in the local classifieds.

Research Selling Options

An advantage of living in a time where everyone is attached to their phone is that anyone or information about anything can be found online. If you aren’t sold on the idea of using a realtor to sell your home, consulting a St. Louis as-is home buyer could be the right option for you. Not only will they buy your home without any updates, but they will be able to do it quickly and save you from all the hassle of doing it yourself.

While realtors charge steep commission fees and have busy schedules that are hard to work with, St. Louis cash home buyers offer free consultations and will work around your schedule. They know that you have a busy life, so they work quickly so that they can make the process easier for you. These as-is home buyers can offer you an all-cash offer in as little as a week and have the resources to make the purchasing process as streamlined as possible.

If you’re interested in selling your house to a St. Louis as-is home buyer, Evervest Home Buyers is a trusted business in the community. As St. Louis natives, we know how difficult it can be to sell your house in this busy market, so we make every effort to offer you the absolute most for your property. Selling a house is stressful, so we are dedicated to making the process hassle-free by offering all-cash offers to our clients. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, call us today at (314) 730-0366, or Contact Us today!