Professionally landscaped yards look amazing and add thousands of dollars in value to any home. Whether it’s rock walls, elaborate gardens, or perfectly manicured grass, having a landscaped yard adds crucial curb appeal. The problem, however, is that your current property has 0% landscaping, and may even be a mess. You’re trying to sell the property, but you know that the yard’s current condition is absolutely going to hold it back. What options do you have? Do you have to spend hundreds of dollars, or even thousands to bring it up to market-ready level? Are there any options you can pursue to that don’t require any additional costs?

In this FAQ, we’re going to explore several options that you have when trying to sell a property that has little to no landscaping. In some cases, you may be required to pay out of pocket to bring the property up to speed, and other cases where you won’t be required to spend a dime. If you have any questions about this FAQ, or if you’re interested in our All-Cash AS-IS house buying service, please call or contact our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

Do I Have to Do Landscaping to Sell My House?

The answer to this question is going to depend on how you’re trying to sell the house, and who you are trying to sell it to. Hint, the answer varies a lot based on how you’re trying to sell the home. Listed below are several different scenarios that require different approaches to landscaping and selling the property.

  • Traditional Sale with a Realtor – Selling your home in the traditional market, without any landscaping, can be difficult. First time Home Buyers and new home buyers are trying to find move-in-ready, no maintenance-needed homes. Houses needing extensive yard work aren’t going to be as appealing, and if a potential buyer is interested, they might try to ask for thousands off the purchase price so that they can put that money towards landscaping the property. This situation typically requires you to either spend money on a landscaper, or do it yourself.

  • For Sale By Owner – In this scenario, you have a lot of sway in whether or not you’re going to do landscaping. It’s between you and the buyer to negotiate, and it may require that you either do a little bit to satisfy the sale, or, if you’re determined not to do it, an additional level of haggling between you and the buyer to come to an agreed price point. This option can save you money, but that isn’t guaranteed.

  • Sell to an As-Is House Buyer – In this situation, you would be selling your property to our team. The good news is, we want to buy your property, as is, without you having to do any additional work on the property. This means that you don’t have to update either the interior or exterior of the property. This option saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and doesn’t require you to do any work at all. If this sounds like an option you would like to hear more about, feel free to call our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

Sell your House, AS-IS

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