With so many options for selling your home in St. Louis, it can be hard to choose which one will be the best fit for selling your home. While realtors are a dime a dozen, working with a St. Louis all-cash buyer can be a more personalized option when selling your home.

Benefits of working with an all-cash buyer include:

  • Avoiding a realtor commission fee.
  • Not having to leave your home every time someone wants to see it.
  • Quick sale, usually in less than one week.
  • Cash payments, no waiting on loan approvals or banks.
  • Supporting a local business.

Avoiding Commission Fees

There are two phrases that instantly trigger stress: “we have to move,” and “let’s sell the house.” With ever-growing to-do lists and moving costs tallying in your head, the last thing that you want to deal with is added costs. Realtors often charge steep commission fees and are typically working with lots of clients, but St. Louis as-is home buyers are focused on helping you sell your as-is home and don’t charge commission fees. This is because the process of selling your home should be painless and focused on you selling your home the quickest.

Avoiding Often Random Showings

Along with commission fees, working with a realtor brings the added stress of unscheduled showings to potential buyers. Real estate is a buyers market, so if someone is interested in touring your house- be ready when they are or risk missing a sale. For many, this is a stressful and unwanted part of selling a home. Who has time for random visits when there is laundry to do, doctors appointments to schedule, and dinner to cook? By working with a St. Louis all-cash buyer, they will work around your busy schedule and book your consultation whenever works best for you.

Quick Sale

Let’s be honest, life is busy, and in our society, we want things done as quickly as possible. The choice to sell your home to an all-cash home buying business can shave weeks, maybe months off selling your house. All-cash buyers focus on providing you with a solution for selling your home the quickest, have the funding to back it up and are dedicated to saving you the hassle of selling your home yourself. If you choose to sell your home with a realtor, it typically takes 65 days on average to receive a home offer, and even if it is an offer that you approve of, it can take another 50 days on average for the buyer to close on your home.

Not Waiting on Loan Approvals or Banks

If you’re anything like me, the thought of dealing with lenders and bankers doesn’t strike you as being a ton of fun. Even if you do receive an offer from a potential buyer, it can take weeks, sometimes months before you’re approved for the loan. This process can be further delayed by unplanned financial emergencies and past debt that you may have forgotten. If you choose to work with an all-cash buyer, they can make you an all-cash offer for your home in as little as a week.

Supporting a Local Business

If you have weighed the pros and cons and have decided to sell your home to a St. Louis cash buyer, Evervest Home Buyers knows how to buy and sell homes in the St. Louis area. Founded in 1996 by two St. Louis natives, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and quick when selling homes in the community. This not only helps homeowners sell their homes quickly, but it helps strengthen yet another small business in the St. Louis community. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, call Evervest Home Buyers at (314) 730-0366, or Contact Us today!