It’s understandable that when you hear the term “Cash Home Buying”, red flags and a big warning alert sound. There are hundreds of cash home buying scams out there, so it can be hard to believe if there are any St. Louis cash home buyers that are legitimate. To figure out which cash home buying businesses to trust and which are scams, there are a few tips that can help:

  • Ask Trusted Friends or Family for their Experience.
  • Check out Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask to See a Proof of Funds.
  • Look at Online Reviews.

Consult Friends and Family

It’s easy to understand that selling a home in the St. Louis real estate market can be overwhelming. Asking friends and family members for their experiences with selling their homes for cash can help point you in the right direction of a good St. Louis all-cash buyer. Chances are if your friends and family members had a good experience with these companies they’ll be excited to share stories about the process with you. Not to mention, if they had a good experience, you more than likely will too.

Check out Better Business Bureau

There is a wealth of information on the Internet, and anyone can post a review at any time, so knowing which sources to trust is essential. When searching for reviews on St. Louis cash home buyers, the Better Business Bureau can be trusted. While there might be reviews that were written in the heat of passion to wrongfully put a company in a bad light, looking at the tone of the business’ reviews as a whole can be helpful. This will generally give you a more accurate depiction of if this business is a legitimate cash home buying business or a scam.

Check Google or Yelp Reviews

When searching for reviews on cash home buying businesses, it’s important to gather as much information as you can. Google Reviews and Yelp are both easy to use and can provide you with insight into other people’s first-hand experiences with the business you’re interested in. Both sites are moderated, so they will weed out any reviews that are left by former/current employees, competitors, or reviews that are false and can be proven false. Using both of these review sites will help you make a more informed decision of whether or not you should work with a business.

Ask to See Proof of Funds

So, you have done your research, and you’ve found a St. Louis cash home buying business that you’re interested in working with. Before moving forward with selling your home to this business, ask them to provide you with proof of funds. Asking for proof of funds will ensure that they will be able to pay you the amount that they say they will pay you. If you’re worried about asking, don’t be– any cash home buying business will be more than happy to make you more comfortable with working with them and provide you with proof of funds.

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