Mold is a major problem in any home. It can cause serious health issues, such as cancer. How big of a problem is mold if you’re trying to sell your house? Unfortunately, it can be severely challenging. Many buyers won’t even look at a house with mold issues, and to fix a problem of this scale, it can cost thousands of dollars, which you may or may not be willing to spend. So, what are your options? What can you do with a house that has a mold problem?

In this FAQ, we’re going to explore a few options for selling your home that’s infested with mold. Not every buyer requires the removal of mold, and some might see benefits in your situation. If you have questions regarding this FAQ, mold removal, or if you want to speak with our team regarding AS-IS home selling and buying, please contact our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

Can I sell a house with Mold Problems?

If your house has mold issues, what should you do? Do you have to remove the mold? Can a house be sold with existing mold issues? How likely is the house to sell if it has mold issues? Listed below are a few different approaches you can take when trying to sell a house that has existing mold issues.

  • Use a Realtor to Sell Your House – If you try to sell your house in the traditional real estate market, a realtor is more than likely going to want you to fix the mold problem in your home before purchase. Mold, in any amount, can be extremely hazardous to your health. Health issues caused by a mold infestation range from serious conditions, such as cancer, to smaller problems such as lung issues, headaches, etc. A first time home buyer or someone looking for a family home is not going to want to purchase a property that has mold issues. In this situation, you are all but required to remove mold before selling your home.

  • For Sale by Owner – With this type of sale, you control whether or not mold is removed. However, any potential buyer that’s interested in your house is going to either want you to take thousands off the price of the property to compensate for mold or, they’ll require the mold to be removed before it’s sold. You can reject any further costs related to the sale of your home, but that could mean losing a potential buyer. With this form of sale, finding buyers can be extremely difficult.

  • Sell to a Cash Home Buyer – Our team doesn’t require you to put effort into the sale of your property. If your house has mold, there’s a chance that we’ll be interested. We will, of course, look at the property to determine the level of mold infestation that’s at hand, but this isn’t an issue! Our team is made up of veteran contractors that know how to manage and remove mold. We are only interested in the state of the house. If we like your property and want to move forward, we’ll make an all-cash offer for the fair-market value of your property, and if you like our offer, you can accept it and close in 30 days or less!

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