There are several situations that can leave a house full of furniture, trash, or other objects that take time and money to clean out. What if the belongings aren’t yours? What if they were previous renters and they abandoned it? Or, what if the house was previously owned by a family member and they passed, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the furniture, but you also don’t want it?

What are your options when selling your home? Do you have to clean it out first? Can you leave the belongings in it? In this FAQ, we’re going to cover the different situations where you may or may not have to clean out your house to sell it. If you have any questions about this FAQ, or if you would like to get in touch with our team about the sale of your property, call or contact our team now at contact or reach Evervest Home Buyers at (314) 730-0366 for more information.

Do I Have to Clean Out My House to Sell It?

There are many options for selling your property. You can use a realtor, you can sell it FSBO (for sale by owner), or you can sell it for cash to a cash home buyer. Each of these situations could require a different solution for the cleanout of your property. Let’s examine each.

  • Using a Realtor – This is the traditional way to sell a house. If your home is full of renters belongings, and they left without taking them, chances are that the items may not be the best of quality, or that the house if full of refuse or other items that potential buyers are absolutely not going to want to deal with. In this situation, it is almost certain that you absolutely will have to clean the house out, and that you’ll have to do an impeccable job. This means you either have to do the cleanout yourself, or higher a company to do it. This can cost thousands of dollars, and it doesn’t even guarantee that your property will sell.
  • For Sale By Owner – With this sale, you have control to an extent over whether or not you’re going to have to clean out your property. Coming to this agreement is going to be directly between you and the potential buyer. If they allow you to keep items in the house, they will have to clean it out. They may ask for a price reduction because of this needed effort. It’s also possible that they may be unwilling to purchase the property unless it is cleaned out. Either scenario requires effort on your part, and time and money you may not be willing to spend or lose.
  • All-Cash Home Buyer – This option may be the best course for your current situation. If the house is full of someone else’s belongings, or if the house is full of a family member’s furniture but no one wants it, we won’t require you to remove any of those belongings. We purchase every property as-is. We understand the hassles of cleaning out a property, and we don’t want to put you through any of that stress. Our team can take care of the belongings on the inside so that you don’t have to spend any time or money cleaning it out. Of the three options, this requires little to no effort from you.

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