If you’re interested in selling your home quickly, selling your home for all-cash can be a great option. While this might sound like a scam the truth is that with a bit of research you can find legitimate cash buyers out there. Selling your house to a St. Louis all-cash buyer will allow you to:

  • Skip having to list your house.
  • Avoid commission and closing fees.
  • Not wait on offers to roll in.
  • Avoid updating your house before selling.
  • Sell your house quickly.

You Won’t Have to List Your Home

One of the most stressful parts of selling your house is dealing with the process of listing your home. You’ll have to pick when to list your home and choose the best way to advertise that your home is for sale.These two things are important because they can affect how much money you will get for your house and how quickly it will sell. If you list your home at the wrong time of year, you risk getting lower offers for your house as there will be less buyers looking to buy. This’ll signal to buyers that the price is open for negotiation.

Knowing how to advertise that your home is for sale is key because it’ll determine how quickly your house will sell. You’ll have to consider the current buyers market and decide if you want to use a real estate agent or not. This can be a lengthy and costly process but choosing to sell your home for all-cash can help you skip this. St. Louis Cash Buyers are interested in buying homes as-is and can make you an offer in as little as a week. So, selling your home for cash will save you time and money and save you from the stress of listing your house.

You Can Avoid Steep Fees

If you are selling your house you have probably looked into using a realtor. This can be costly and stressful which is the last thing that you need when selling your house. Realtors often charge steep commission fees and are working with lots of clients at once, so they won’t always be able to work around your busy schedule. All-cash buyers don’t charge a consultation fee, there won’t be closing costs and they will work with your schedule. This is because they have the resources and the time to be able to make the process easy and focused on your needs.

You Won’t Have to Wait on Offers

The real estate market is competitive so it can be a lengthy and stressful process to wait on offers from potential buyers. Even then, it might not be an offer that you’re willing to accept. So what can you do? St. Louis All-Cash Buyers work quickly and will give you an offer in as soon as a day. By choosing to work with an all-cash buyer, selling your house will be quick and easy and you won’t have to worry about waiting on offers.

You Won’t Have to Update

Selling your house can be costly, so the last thing that you’ll want to do is sink money into home improvements. While updates such as touching up paint, changing out tile and swapping outdated hardware can seem like minor improvements the cost of these things can quickly add up. If you choose to sell your house to an all-cash buyer they will buy your home as-is. This will allow you to avoid updating the house you’re selling and give you the opportunity to invest in updating your next house.

Sell Your House Quickly

If you choose to sell your house with a realtor the whole process can take months. It typically takes about two months to receive an offer that you’ll accept and an additional month or month and a half before closing. Life is busy, so who wants to waste time on that? By selling to an all-cash buyer they’ll be able to give you an offer in as little as a day. This will save you from the stress of waiting for your house to sell and will put your mind at ease.

If you’re interested in working with a St. Louis All-Cash Buyer, Evervest Home Buyers is a local favorite that is committed to making the process of selling your house hassle-free. We have bought more than 700 homes in the community and pride ourselves on offering an easy solution to local homeowners wanting to sell their homes. If you’d like to schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation, call us at (314) 730-0366 or Contact Us today!