I’m sure you’ve seen the “Will Buy Your House for Cash” signs that are nailed to telephone posts on your way to work. While this might seem like a scam, the truth is that selling your home for cash can be a good alternative to selling your home with a realtor. This is because selling your home with a realtor can be time-consuming and costly, but selling your home for cash is quick and easy. If you’re interested in selling your home for cash, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Find an as-is home buyer you trust.
  • Schedule a consultation.
  • Sign an agreement.
  • Close

Choose an As-Is Home Buyer

So, you’ve decided to sell your home for cash to a St. Louis as-is home buyer. It’s important to choose a home buyer that you can trust. It can be helpful to talk to friends and family members and see if they have someone that they’ve worked with in the past. Neighbors are also great sources for finding a good as-is home buyer. If there is no one that you can ask, a good way to find out if an as-is home buying business is legitimate is to consult Google and Yelp reviews, or the Better Business Bureau. All three of these sites will be able to give you a better idea of whether or not a business is trustworthy.

Schedule a Consultation

The real estate market is competitive, so it can often be difficult to meet with a realtor. As-is home buyers are committed to working with your schedule, and can schedule consultations quickly. These consultations are free and will be used to assess the value of your as-is home, and how much it will cost the as-is home buyer to fix it. It’s quick and simple, and they will have a quote for your home in as little as a day.

Sign an Agreement

It might seem intimidating to sign an agreement, but there is nothing to be worried about. The agreement that you’ll sign will include details such as how much money you’ll get from selling your home, information about the current state of your home and how the funds will be transferred upon closing. It’s important to thoroughly read these contracts and make sure that they’re one-hundred percent accurate before signing. If there’s something in the contract that you don’t like, most as-is home buyers will work with you until you’re satisfied with it.

Closing on Your Home

The final step in selling your home to an St. Louis as-is home buyer is closing on the agreement you’ve signed. Unlike working with a realtor, you won’t have to wait on banks or loan lenders to come through before closing on your home. Closing with an as-is home buyer is as easy as signing a document that includes the original contract’s terms and conditions, and confirms that you have a certificate of title and title deed. The certificate of title confirms that you are the owner of the house and that you have the right to sell the property, and the title deed transfers the property to the as-is home buyer.

If you’re interested in selling your home for cash to a St. Louis as-is home buyer, Evervest Home Buyers is a local favorite. We have bought more than 700 homes in the area since 1996, and we are committed to making the process hassle-free for local homeowners. We provide free consultations, and can make a cash offer for your home in as soon as a day. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, feel free to call (314) 730-0366 or Contact Us today!