If you recently refinanced your mortgage and are thinking about selling your house, you’re probably wondering, “is it possible to sell a house that was just refinanced? How soon can I sell my house after refinancing?”

In this FAQ, we’re going to explore the topic of selling your home after refinancing. If you have questions regarding this FAQ or want to speak with our team regarding selling your home as-is, please contact our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

Should You Sell a House After Refinancing?

Refinancing a mortgage loan can be a good way to save money and make your mortgage more manageable, but what does it mean if you decide to sell your house? Some home refinance agreements have a prepayment penalty, and require payments to be made on the loan for 2-3 years after refinancing. However, not all refinancing terms include prepayment penalties, and in the case that yours does, the sale of your home will be able to cover it. Selling your home after refinancing using a realtor can bring with it additional costs, such as staging fees, closing costs, and inspections. Another option for selling your recently refinanced home is by selling your home to an as-is home buying company. An as-is home buyer can give you cash for your home, in under a month, and streamline the process of selling your unwanted property.

How Long After Refinancing Can You Sell a House?

You can sell your home immediately after refinancing if you wanted to, unless there is an owner-occupancy stipulation in your refinancing agreement. If there isn’t, you can sell your home right away! If you are looking to sell your home quickly due to personal reasons, Evervest Home Buyers can help. Our as-is property buyers are committed to doing whatever it takes to make the process of selling your home as stress-free as possible. Selling your home to our as-is home buyers involves four simple steps – a consultation, an assessment of the house, providing an offer, and putting cash in your hand in less than a month. Sound good? If you’re ready to sell your house after refinancing, and are interested in selling to a cash home buyer, call (314) 730-0366 or Contact Us today!