We offer our services to those who would have a hard time selling their homes. We encounter all types of problems, from outdated homes, homes in disrepair, homes with foundation issues, homes with fire damage, and more. We are almost always able to make a fair-market value offer for the house. However, there are situations that keep us from pursuing a property. What are those situations?

In this FAQ, we’re going to explore several different situations that would keep our All-Cash home buying team in St. Louis from purchasing a property. If you have any questions about this FAQ, any questions about our service, or if you want to learn more about the Cash Home-Buying process and if it’s a service that could work for you, call or contact our team at (314) 730-0366 or fill out this form here – Contact Us.

What Houses will an All-Cash Homebuyer NOT purchase?

We use our all-cash home buying service to help those that are having trouble selling their homes. In most cases, we are more than willing to make an offer on almost any house. We’ve purchased houses that are way out of date, houses in transitional neighborhoods, houses in disrepair, and homes in other states of disrepair. The question is, what would keep our team from making an offer on a house? What condition would a house have to be in for our team to not be willing to make an offer on it? Listed below are several extreme situations that would keep our all-cash home buying team from making an offer on a home.

  • Massive Fire Damage – House fires can be catastrophic. Fire can destroy nearly anything, and when it comes to houses, there are many flammable materials inside a house that don’t take long for the entire property to go up in flames. With our team, we can deal with fire damage, but if the whole house is nearly destroyed in a fire, it can keep our team from making an offer. For us, we look at the property as it is, and try to determine whether we can rehab the property to a market-ready and sellable level. If the house is too far gone from the fire damage, we may not be able to make an offer.

  • Crumbling Foundation – Most foundational issues can be fixed. If it’s small cracks, slight leaning, or water coming through the foundation, in most cases these issues can be repaired and the house can be saved. However, if foundational issues are ignored for years, the problem can be irreversible. If the costs required to repair the foundation are more than what the house could be reasonably sold for once it’s fixed, the house may not be something we are interested in. Our team is made of veteran contractors, so we will be able to determine whether the foundational problems are too far gone.

  • Extensive Flooding – Minor flooding due to burst pipes or leaky fixtures is an issue that can typically be repaired. However, what if a house experienced extensive flooding, or was partially submerged during flooding caused by heavy rain or other issues? With flooding, there’s always a chance that it’s going to be a repeat issue. First time home buyers and new home buyers are less likely to purchase homes in flood plains because they are aware that the flooding can happen again. This can make homes in those areas nearly impossible to sell, even if they are repaired after the flooding happens. In these cases, our team may not be able to make an offer on the property.

  • Outdated Property – Newer homes are easier to fix than older, outdated homes. The older a house is, the harder it is going to be to rehab. When a house is extremely old, and doesn’t have modern amenities. or wasn’t built to any type of engineering or city code, it can be too risky or costly to bring the structure up to the required modern standards. In these cases, a property may be outside of our means to make an offer on.

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