House Buyers Affton

Are you looking to sell your Afton house fast? Is it out of date, needs extensive repairs, or just isn’t ready for the real estate market in Afton? We’re Evervest Home Buyers, and we’ll make you a great offer for your Afton house.

Regardless of the condition of your property, it will have value to our team. Is your Afton house in disrepair, and needs major updates? We make offers on Afton houses just like yours. Does the property currently have a lien on it? We have an option for you. Is the Afton house inherited and you just want to unload it as quickly as possible? Our offers will be perfect for you.

We mean it. Whatever condition your property is in, chances are that we will still make you a great offer for your Afton house. Call our House Buying Team in Afton today to see the type offer we can make you. Our team can be reached at 314-730-0366 or by filling out the form on this page.

House Buyers Affton

You may be familiar with how the house selling process works through with traditional real-estate but have questions regarding the AS-IS house buying process. The As-Is process doesn’t require inspections, closing costs, realtors fees, or any of the other hassles that typically complicate a home sale. Detailed here are the steps that are required to sell your home to house buyers in Afton.

  • Call our House Buyers in Afton – Just like any traditional real-estate deal, the house buying process in Afton begins with reaching out to our team at 314-730-0366. At this early point, we’re going to make sure that your property is something we can move forward with.
  • Schedule to Look at Property – Once we’ve decided to move forward with your Afton house, we’ll come out and take a look at it. We’ll get a general idea of the state it is in so that we fully know what type of property we may be buying. This doesn’t cost you anything as its not a typical inspection. We just want to get a feel for your house and make sure that it’s something we’re interested in. We’ll set a time to come see your property that works best for you.
  • Look at Property – Once we’ve agreed on a date and time, we’ll come look at your Afton house. Don’t worry, we purchase homes in nearly any condition. So even if your property has extensive issues, there’s still a good chance we’ll make you an offer.
  • Make Offer – If everything works out great with your property, we’ll make an offer on it. With our offers you don’t have to worry about loan approvals, financing, or any of the other typical hassles.
  • Accept or Reject Offer – If you like our offer, great! We can move forward with the sale of your property. If the offer doesn’t seem just right, let us know so we can work towards the sale of your Afton house.
  • Close on Property in 30 Days or Less – We’re serious. We can close on a Afton house in under a month. All-cash offers make the process far more simple and much faster.

House Buyers Afton

Time is important. Your house may not be ready for the Afton real estate market, and you may not have or either do not want to put the money into the property to make it competitve. Our House Buyers in Afton won’t require that you make any changes, upgrades, or additions to the property. We’ll take your property in the exact condition it is in. To learn more about our processes, the types of offers we make, or to talk to a member of our team now, call 314-730-0366 or fill out the form on this page