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Are you having trouble unloading your Overland house? Does it need extensive repairs that aren’t in your budget? Evervest Home Buyers can fix your problem. Twenty years of Overland house buying experience means we know how to help you with your Overland house issue. Evervest is the “Fast House Buyer” team that Overland residents have come to rely upon for their as is Overland house solutions.

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Fast House Buyer Overland

No Waiting for Financing/Approval

You might be a little apprehensive about taking cash offers for your house. You may have heard that they are a gimmick, or a strategy to cheat you out of the value of your property. In actuality, the as-is home house buying process is nothing like what you’ve heard. We are a team of local house buyers in Overland who grew up in the area and take pride in our St. Louis heritage. Our offers are based on the fair market value of your Overland property, and we’ll never low ball you to cheat you out of what you are owed.

Cash Transferred Quickly

All Cash Offers – We understand how bank loans can complicate any process, that’s why we only make cash offers for Overland homes.

Offer and Close in Less Than 30 Days

Quick-Close Timeframe – When we say sell your house in Overland fast, we mean fast. Our house purchasing process in Overland typically closes in 30 days or less. This means you get back to your life faster.

Fast House Buyer Overland

Helping Overland Property Owners Sell their Unwanted Overland Properties Fast

Overland house properties can be difficult to manage. Overland houses may have issues you don’t find till later, and these additional fixes can make or break the profit margins on the property. If your being drug down by a bad house in Overland, and need to escape from the bad investment, Evervest can help. We specialize in assisting investors with their as is Overland houses problems.

Our as is, all-cash offers are a lifeline that many Overland housing investors have used before. We realize that there can be a lot of different reasons that are holding back the sale of your property, whether it be a bad neighborhood, internal house issues, or even a bad market, Evervest is prepared to make you an all cash fair market value offer for your Overland house. When you are ready to sell for cash, Call or Contact Evervest!

Work with the Professional Home Buyers @ Evervest, LLC.

When you’re ready to sell your underperforming Overland house, our team can help. Regardless of the state the Overland house is in, we want it and are ready to make you an all cash offer. For more information, call or contact Evervest Home Buyers today.