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Buy My House in St. Ann, MO. Selling any house is stressful. You may be asking yourself, who in St. Ann, MO is going to buy my house as it is? Or, who will buy my house as quickly as I need them to? Or even perhaps, is someone going to buy my house during foreclosure, or if my property still has tenants in it? Evervest Home Buyers is here to help. We have helped residents all around St. Ann, MO and Missouri sell their homes for cash in a quick, pain-free process that gets funds in their pockets in a month or less. Call us today at (314) 730-0366 or contact us online to learn more about how Evervest Home Buyers can will help you and hear an estimate in an hour or less.

We have been in the St. Ann, MO home buying business for over twenty years and have helped over 700 St. Ann, MO residents get quick, equitable, all-cash offers for their property. Whether you need money soon, cannot figure out how to get an unsuccessful investment off your hands, or are just looking for a fresh start in another area, Evervest’s fair and honest cash home buyers will help you get to your new front door with cash in your pocket. Forget the inconvenience, unpredictability, and long closing times of traditional real estate transactions. We’ll buy your house as-is, always be frank with you, and can close within the month. Call us today to discover more.

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Selling a house in St. Ann, MO is even more convoluted than many people might imagine. From finding a trustworthy realtor to navigating about laws respecting disclosure obligations – especially if your home needs repair – can add a lot of stress and add even more time to an already prolonged process. When you sell to Evervest Home Buyers, you’ll pay no realtor fees and we’ll do our own inspection before giving you a final offer.

Buy My House: 7 Myths About Cash Home Buyers

There are a lot of rationalities for why selling your home for cash may be the best option for you. With so many websites and purported cash buyers available, it can commonly be hard to know who to depend on, or even if selling your home for cash is the right thing to do in the first place. We are certain that if you decide to sell to Evervest Home Buyers, you’ll be content that you made the right decision for you and your St. Ann, MO family. Here are seven of the typical myths and misconceptions people tell us about cash home buyers.

Myth #1: Cash Buyers are Untrustworthy and Will Only Buy My House with a Below-Market Offer

Some people are apprehensive selling to cash home buyers because they think they will get a lowball offer or might back out of the deal once they can’t track down a buyer themselves. We are from Missouri, and want nothing more than to see its citizens flourishing and its communities ascending. We take genuine joy in upgrading houses to improve neighborhoods and give other St. Ann, MO residents a great place to live that they can enjoy for years. We are friendly, direct, and will always offer you a fair deal. We endeavor to pay you as much as we can while still being able to consider your home a profitable investment for ourselves. We are locally and independently owned, so you can be confident our profits will stay in the St. Ann, MO area. Unlike other home buyers, the cash for homes buyers at Evervest are licensed real estate brokers.

Myth #2: Cash Buyers Will Only Buy My House If It’s in Poor-Condition

While it’s true that cash buyers will buy homes as-is in order to repair them ourselves, it is not a precondition. There are many reasons to sell your St. Ann, MO home for cash, and we don’t care what neighborhood or condition your house is in – even if it’s perfect.

Myth #3: Cash Buyers Are All Scammers, and Aren’t Really Going to Buy My House

It is unfortunately true that many supposed cash home buyers are really scammers that are only attempting to swindle you out of some of your own money before they vanish, or will backpedal on the agreement when they cannot locate another buyer themselves. There are several warning signs to look out for with scammers:

  • The buyer is hard to reach
  • They will only reach out to you by email
  • They have no references
  • They will not verify that they have enough money, or give you too much financial information
  • They don’t want to see the house before giving you an offer

Luckily, you can be certain that Evervest Home Buyers are not scammers. We are honest and fair St. Ann, MO natives. We will always be easy to reach, and will come to your home in person to perform our own inspection. We will provide you with proof of funds before we ask you to sign the contract, and have never written a contract that we didn’t close on because we went back on it. And you don’t just need to trust us, check out our client testimonials here.

Myth #4: A Cash Buyer Will Still Charge Repair Fees When They Buy My House

While cash home buyers may not ask you to perform improvements yourself, they may still charge you for them or take them out of your offer. We have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and know how to economically and successfully repair homes. We will also give an honest and straightforward answer as to why we are offering you what we are. We charge no hidden fees and there are no obligations.

Myth #5: I Will Get More Money by Having a Conventional Buyer Buy My House

When you sell your home the orthodox way, there are an excess of costs related to repairs, realtor fees, and inspections that can take away from the profit you might get when you sell your property. Moreover, the housing market, season, neighborhood, and health of the economy could all impact how much you could receive on the traditional market. Evervest will give you an immediate, equitable offer that will remove any of the “what-if” nervousness that the traditional market does. We can also close in as little as a couple of weeks, while on the conventional market closing lasts an average of 47 days.

Myth #6: Cash Home Buyers Will Only Buy My House If I Am Desperate and Vulnerable

While selling a house for cash may be a good idea in a variety of emergency situations, such as if you owe back taxes or are in foreclosure, there are many reasons why selling your home for cash might be preferable for you:

Whatever motivation you have to sell your house, choosing to sell to Evervest home buyers will get cash in your hands quickly, while you can still be certain that you are dealing with St. Ann, MO people you can trust.

Myth #7: Having Evervest Home Buyers Buy My House Is too Good to Be True

While you may think that getting a fair offer, without having to pay inspections or realtor fees, is too good to be true, we can promise you with Evervest Home Buyers it is just as good as it sounds. We endeavor to enrich St. Ann, MO communities and the lives of the people who live in them. Our sincerity and kindness are the reason we have been the leading St. Ann, MO cash-for-homes buyers for over 20 years.

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Selling your house doesn’t need to be the stressful, costly, time-consuming endeavor it often is. When you sell your St. Ann, MO home for cash to Evervest Home Buyers, we take over any necessary repairs on the property ourselves, so you can concentrate on getting to your next front door as quickly as possible. If you call us today or send us pictures of your property, you can have an estimate within as little as 60 minutes. Call us today at (314) 730-0366 or contact us online to begin the next chapter of your life.