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    • I would definitely recommend Scott

      In 2016 I found myself in a position to purchase my parent’s home as they had both recently passed away.  I decided to sell my house ‘as is’ since I was going to be doing extensive remodeling on my…

      Cyndy B

      Cyndy B

    • I couldn’t have been happier!

      I just wanted to say that I couldn’t have been happier with Evervest, LLC when I wanted to sell my home.  My son and I were looking for a fresh start.  We had the opportunity to move to another…

      Patricia B

      Patricia B

    • A pleasure to work with

      Evervest was a pleasure to work with. Efficient and courteous and willing to help when paperwork complications arose. I am very satisfied with the result, which enabled me to sell my mother’s home so as to continue to pay…

      David M.

    • Closing was extremely easy.

      We enjoyed working with Scott. He was very fast in giving us an offer and worked with us to see that we were happy. He allowed us the time we needed to vacate. Closing was extremely easy. I have…

      Paula Brown

    • Satisfactory & Professional

      This is to advise that my interactions with Evervest were satisfactory & professional.   I owned my home for 19 years but due to poor health I was unable to update/maintain the home & ended up having to move…

      Fairlane K.

      Fairlane K.

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      We make it easy to get a fast, free estimate. We buy homes in ANY condition, needing any level of repairs. Whether your home is messy, outdated, or falling apart, we want to buy it!

      Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO

      Condemned Property Buyer Frontenac, MO | Cash Home Buyer | As-Is House Buyer Near Frontenac

      Condemned property buyer in Frontenac, MO. Condemned houses are no uncommon site around the Frontenac, MO area. Owning property near a condemned house affects the value of your own, but owning a condemned property and trying to unload it is even more arduous. Condemned houses in Frontenac, MO are in disrepair, and often need tens of thousands of dollars to renovate them to go on the market, and not everyone has the funds available or wants to part with them. If you have a condemned property that you’d like to get rid of, we can make your problems, our problems. Call (314) 730-0366 or contact us online to speak to a condemned property buyer in Frontenac, MO today.

      Evervest Home Buyers specializes in purchasing condemned houses in Frontenac, MO. We won’t be surprised by any damage or mess because we are used to buying condemned houses in Frontenac, MO. Regardless of the issues, we have the experience and expertise to correct them. We take on these properties to make an investment, and to help the community and homeowners there. New homeowners or investment property buyers probably aren’t interested in your Frontenac, MO house because of the work that needs to be put into it. With that said, why do we still want your property? Because we’re from Frontenac, MO and we want to see our communities be at their best.

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      The Basics of Condemned Properties in Frontenac, MO: What You Need to Know

      What Is a Condemned Property?

      A condemned property is a property that has been deemed hazardous or unfit for human habitation by your local municipality. This can be caused by many different reasons.

      Why Do Properties Become Condemned?

      Properties in Frontenac, MO are typically condemned when they’re poorly maintained and pose a risk to residents or lower how much neighboring houses are worth. Under Missouri Revises Statute §523.061, a a local government can condemn a property if it’s:

      Because of those criteria, we frequently put down offers on Frontenac, MO properties with:

      • Structural damage If a property has sustained serious damage to its foundation or other structures, it may be deemed too dangerous to live in.
      • Fire or water damage A property that has experienced severe fire or water damage can be declared unlivable due to the possibility of collapse, black mold, or other risks.
      • Health hazards — A property can be condemned if it’s determined that it has mold, asbestos, termites, or other pollutants.

      Can I Challenge the Property Condemnation?

      Yes, you can litigate the condemnation of your Frontenac, MO property in court. But, contesting the condemnation will require either an attorney or time working on their case that most Frontenac, MO residents don’t have. In many cases, the optimal solution is to unload the condemned property.

      Locating a Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO

      Types of Buyers Who Purchase Condemned Properties

      Most people who are buying a house want one that’s a turnkey property that doesn’t need a lot of work done, not a house that needs significant repairs. However, there are still plenty of types of condemned property buyers in the Frontenac, MO area, for example:

      • Home investors
      • House flippers and contractors
      • Non-profit organizations
      • Government agencies

      How to Find a Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO

      Locating a condemned property buyer in Frontenac, MO is much more difficult than finding a buyer on the traditional market, but far from impossible. A cash home buyer is often better. You can try to list the property on real estate websites, but often the best option is finding a condemned property buyer like Evervest, that buys homes for cash and buys as-is homes. They know how to upgrade the house and resell it for profit, and are used to the process of buying a condemned property in Frontenac, MO.

      The Top Qualities to Look For in a Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO

      If you want to get rid of your condemned property, you need to find the right buyer who is willing to take on the property’s renovation. Your Frontenac, MO condemned property buyer should have:

      • Experience — Find a buyer who has experience purchasing and renovating condemned properties. They will be better equipped to handle any difficulties that arise during the renovation process.
      • Resources — Look for a buyer who has the financial resources to purchase the property and complete the necessary repairs. Require them to show proof of funds so you know the deal won’t fall through at the last minute.
      • Vision — Look for a buyer who knows what they want the house to look like when they’re done. This will ensure that the house and neighborhood will be best served.
      • Trustworthiness — Selling a condemned property can be hard, so it’s critical to work with a buyer who is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the Frontenac, MO community.
      • Flexibility — Finally, look for a buyer who is flexible and willing to accommodate your needs during the process.

      Condemned Property Buyers in Frontenac, MO — Who We Are

      We grew up in these same Frontenac, MO neighborhoods and we care. We want our neighborhoods to live up to their potential, and buying condemned houses in Frontenac, MO and getting them market ready helps us achieve that goal. Repairing and selling condemned properties raises how much other houses in the neighborhood are worth and makes the area more appealing on the open market. Each renovated house might only be a tiny fraction of the Frontenac, MO area, but it’s a step in the right direction.

      Furthermore, we are expressly a local company. All of our profits will be put back into in the Frontenac, MO area. We’re a hands-on team and when we need help we get it from our established network of Frontenac, MO contractors. Everything we do is about making this a stress-free and simple experience for you.

      Read our testimonials to see what previous clients in Frontenac, MO have to say about working with us.

      Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO — What Does The Process Involve?

      We don’t make money off just closing deals and there are no commissions or closing costs when we purchase your property. That’s just for starters. The following is a quick graphic detailing the process of selling a house in Frontenac, MO to a cash home buyer:

      Condemned Property Buyer Frontenac, MO | We Buy Houses For Cash | As-Is Home Buyer Near Frontenac

      With these 4 simple steps, we can close on your property in as little as two weeks. Selling your condemned Frontenac, MO property is this easy. Calling our condemned property buyers in Frontenac, MO at (314) 730-0366 can get you out from under your problem property ASAP.

      Condemned Property Buyer in Frontenac, MO — As-Is Home Buyers

      We’re ready to make you an offer for your condemned Frontenac, MO property so get in touch with our team. We only make all cash offers. This is so you can get the most in return for your Frontenac, MO property while allowing us to still see the property as an investment for us. If you’re ready to make your problems our problems, reach out to our team today to set an inspection. Call Evervest Home Buyers today at (314) 730-0366 or tell us about your property through our website to get a free estimate.

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      If you inherited a house, own an outdated property in need of extensive repairs, or even want to downsize, Evervest Home Buyers can save you thousands by buying your St. Louis home for cash. Evervest saves you time, money, and stress. Many of the homes we buy are dangerous, old, or falling apart. We do any required maintenance and renovations ourselves. At Evervest, we focus on fast transactions that don’t require bank approval or additional financing. Call the St. Louis, Missouri home buyers today at 314-730-0366.

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