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Selling a House in Poor Condition in Twin Oaks, MO

Selling a house in poor condition to a conventional buyer in Twin Oaks, MO does not have to be hard. Call Evervest for a quick and stress-free home-selling process.

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    • I would definitely recommend Scott

      In 2016 I found myself in a position to purchase my parent’s home as they had both recently passed away.  I decided to sell my house ‘as is’ since I was going to be doing extensive remodeling on my…

      Cyndy B

      Cyndy B

    • I couldn’t have been happier!

      I just wanted to say that I couldn’t have been happier with Evervest, LLC when I wanted to sell my home.  My son and I were looking for a fresh start.  We had the opportunity to move to another…

      Patricia B

      Patricia B

    • A pleasure to work with

      Evervest was a pleasure to work with. Efficient and courteous and willing to help when paperwork complications arose. I am very satisfied with the result, which enabled me to sell my mother’s home so as to continue to pay…

      David M.

    • Closing was extremely easy.

      We enjoyed working with Scott. He was very fast in giving us an offer and worked with us to see that we were happy. He allowed us the time we needed to vacate. Closing was extremely easy. I have…

      Paula Brown

    • Satisfactory & Professional

      This is to advise that my interactions with Evervest were satisfactory & professional.   I owned my home for 19 years but due to poor health I was unable to update/maintain the home & ended up having to move…

      Fairlane K.

      Fairlane K.

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      We Make Selling Your Home Super Easy.


      1. We Evaluate Your Home

      We make it easy to get a fast, free estimate. We buy homes in ANY condition, needing any level of repairs. Whether your home is messy, outdated, or falling apart, we want to buy it!


      2. We Submit a Cash Offer

      We make it easy to get a fast, free estimate. We buy homes in ANY condition, needing any level of repairs. Whether your home is messy, outdated, or falling apart, we want to buy it!


      3. Close in 7 Days or Less!

      We make it easy to get a fast, free estimate. We buy homes in ANY condition, needing any level of repairs. Whether your home is messy, outdated, or falling apart, we want to buy it!

      Selling a House in Poor Condition in Twin Oaks, MO

      Selling a house in poor condition in Twin Oaks, MO. Selling a house that needs major repairs can be daunting. Whether you aren’t predisposed to deal with repainting, cleaning, and staging for a traditional buyer, or are wondering how on earth you’re going to get rid of a property with significant water damage, Evervest Home Buyers can offer you a solution. We pay full value, in cash, for as-is houses in the Twin Oaks area, and can close in as little as a few weeks. Whatever type of repairs your home needs, we are interested in buying it. If you need to sell a home in poor condition in Twin Oaks, MO and want a home-selling experience with no hassle, call Evervest today at (314) 730-0366 or contact us through our website.

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      When Is a House in Twin Oaks, MO Considered to Be in Poor Condition?

      “Poor condition,” is a subjective term. To some, it may mean a house that is unlivable, to others it may simply mean the carpet needs some serious cleaning. Generally, houses in poor condition can fall into three categories: houses that are uninhabitable, houses that need major repairs, and houses that just need some fine tuning:

      If you’re looking to sell a house in poor condition in Twin Oaks, MO, it will be much harder than finding a buyer for a turnkey house, but you do have some options.

      Selling a House in Poor Condition St. Louis | Cash Home Buyers | As-Is Property Buyers Near Me

      Selling a House in Twin Oaks, MO in Poor Condition? Read on For Help

      Most people looking to buy a home want a house they can see themselves relaxing in, not one they’ll have to put work into, or hire someone to bring it up to par after the cost they put into the purchase. While selling a property that is already turnkey property is not as hard to a traditional buyer, there are still ways you can sell your Twin Oaks, MO house in poor condition:

      • Make major upgrades — This is how you can get the most money for your house from a traditional buyer. However, the repairs may not add enough value for you to remake your money. An entire house renovation will run up to $78,270. According to national resale report, most repairs don’t even get a 70% ROI. For example, the average minor kitchen remodel costs $28,279, but only adds $20,1225 to your final sale price. While making significant upgrades will likely fetch the highest bid for your house, you’re unlikely to recoup all the money you spent on repairs. The upgrades will also add significant time to the time before you can list your house on the Twin Oaks, MO market.
      • Make cosmetic repairs — An alternative is to simply make your Twin Oaks house look nicer. Curb appeal by itself can boost a home’s value by almost 10% or more. The cost of cosmetic upgrades is much cheaper than major repairs:

        While you also won’t recoup all those expenses through the sale, you won’t be spending nearly as much money. The added curb appeal will lead to a higher offer, though not as much as the first option.

      • Sell your home “as-is” to a conventional buyers — There are some traditional buyers who will buy a property as-is with the hope of spending less on the down payment and incrementally make upgrades over time. There aren’t many of those, and they’ll still expect an empty house that’s well-staged when they see it. All of that takes additional time and money.
      • Sell in its current condition to a cash home buyer Lastly, you can sell your house to an as-is home buyer in Twin Oaks, MO. At Evervest, we give all cash offers for homes in any condition. Then, we renovate the home and sell the property at a slightly higher value. Our process is stress-free and gets money in your pocket in as little as a month:
        • We come to your home and do our own inspection
        • We give you the best possible offer while still setting ourselves up for a profit
        • If you accept our offer, we can have a contract ready and complete the sale in just 7 days

      The way we do things is not only fair and fast, but it’s entirely stress-free. You won’t have to deal with dozens of people looking over your home. The only person you’ll deal with is the person who’s making the purchase. We are discrete and nonjudgmental; you don’t even have to pick the socks up off the floor before we do our inspection.

      Our team is made up of a professional Twin Oaks, MO real estate broker, and a contractor with over three decades of experience. We are always straightforward to Twin Oaks, MO residents about the value of their home, and how we came to that number. We’re don’t get rich off the sale of one property; we buy and renovate houses to make a moderate amount of money and give Twin Oaks families a place to settle down.

      If want to learn more about selling your house in poor condition for cash, call us at (314) 730-0366, or read on below.

      Selling a House in Poor Condition in Twin Oaks, MO: Frequently Asked Questions

      31.4% of American homes sell to cash buyers, according data from a Redfin report. While selling a house in poor condition to a cash buyer is becoming an increasingly popular option, most Twin Oaks, MO homeowners who inquire to us still want to know more about the process. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about selling a house as-is:

      Is the cash home buying process a scam?

      The short answer is: it can be. The world has no shortage of liars. But selling to Evervest is not a scam; we are intent and intentional about our integrity and commitment to our neighborhoods. If you still have concerns, you can look at our client testimonials and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®. We’ll always show you proof of funds before any documents are signed, and in 20+ years we have never written a contract that we didn’t close on due to us backing out of the deal spelled out in the contract.

      We grew up in the Twin Oaks, MO area, and are proud to raise our own kids in the same place. We’re not trying to cheat any of our neighbors.

      How do I know the true value of my home as-is?

      We always strive to give offers that we truly believe are fair. The value of your home is based on a variety of aspects, including where in St. Louis, MO it’s located, how big it is, and the condition its in. More repairs equals lower value. Still, there are ways to do your own research. There are numerous web pages, like Zillow, that give home value estimates. You can also hire a credentialed appraiser to help you understand how much your home is worth.

      Can I sell my house if I’m in debt?

      Yes. We’ve purchased property from homeowners who owe back taxes and have houses in foreclosure. Getting cash for your home is an excellent way to get the funds to pay off your debts fast.

      Are you going to pay me in actual cash?

      No. While the idea of a suitcase full of cash is nice to think about, we’ll wire the money to your account. “Cash buyer” means we’re using our own money to pay for the full value of the house, and aren’t depending on a lender.

      Other types of properties we buy in Twin Oaks, MO include:

      Selling a House in Poor Condition St. Louis | As-Is Home Buyer | Cash Home Buyer Near Me

      Selling a House in Poor Condition in St. Louis, MO | Evervest Home Buyers

      Selling a house in poor condition can be a bad experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Evervest Home Buyers has over three decades of experience offering St. Louis, MO homeowners a fast and stress-free home selling experience. Don’t let a damaged house keep you down; get the funds to move to the next stage of your life today. To sell your St. Louis, MO home in poor condition, call us at (314) 730-0366 or get your offer online.

      Homes We Buy in St. Louis, MO

      We will buy your house in St. Louis fast. Whether you have an inherited home, have recently gotten divorced, are living with financial hardship, or have a home that requires massive repairs, Evervest Home Buyers will purchase your home!

      Evervest Home Buyers

      If you inherited a house, own an outdated property in need of extensive repairs, or even want to downsize, Evervest Home Buyers can save you thousands by buying your St. Louis home for cash. Evervest saves you time, money, and stress. Many of the homes we buy are dangerous, old, or falling apart. We do any required maintenance and renovations ourselves. At Evervest, we focus on fast transactions that don’t require bank approval or additional financing. Call the St. Louis, Missouri home buyers today at 314-730-0366.

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